In the whole of the twentieth century, only 150 self-organised round-the-world flights in light aircraft have been recorded (compared to 30,000 yachts!). So how did it all begin........











17th December 1903……

Orville Wright flies 120 feet along a sandy beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina at a height of 3 feet - the first powered flight in the history of man, lasting 12 seconds! By the end of that day, Orville and his older brother Wilbur had completed four successful flights, the longest covering 850 feet and lasting almost 1 minute.







28th September 1924 …….

Two US army planes land in Seattle having completed the first flight around the world in 175 days, 371 flying hours and 27,553 miles. Equipped with only a compass, an altimeter and a turn and slip gauge (no radio, no navigation equipment) they completed the flight in 57 stages.

July 22nd 1933 ……..

American aviator, Wiley Post, is the first man to fly solo around the world in a Lockheed Vega monoplane. He completed a distance of 15,596 miles setting a new speed record for the distance.

And more recently……

16th August 1995 - Concorde sets the record for the highest speed around the world - 1,305.93 km/h!!

4th September 1995 - Jon Johanson establishes the record for speed around the world eastbound in a 'Landplane: take off weight 500 to 1000kg' from Melbourne, Australia in 71 days - 29.37km/h.

28th March 2000 - SwissAir Captain, Hans Schmid beats Jon Johanson and sets the current record by completing his round-the-world route in 27 days at an average speed of 69.87 km/h.