One of the first milestones - a new engine - Winter 2004

No engine - Summer 2003



The Preparation










From new propellor, rebuilt engine and new air filter box at the front end to the autopilot elevator servo at the rear, everything was attended to in minute detail. The fuel tanks were the most obvious modification by virtue of their size! Pride of place may well go to the panel - and to the avionics in particular.

However, just when it looked as though the end was in sight, when the wings were finally fixed back onto the aeroplane, it was discovered that the port wing was decidedly bent - so a two-month rebuild of this wing was embarked upon. This was successfully completed in March 2005.

Unless you have broadband, the following pictures may take a while to download - please be patient!

Cockpit stripped to the metal - Summer 2003

Cardboard tank - Spring 2003

A complete set of brand new tanks - September 2004

Shiny new cockpit, fuel tanks, avionics and seats - March 2005

Wing rebuild - Winter 2005



Complete aeroplane - with two straight wings - March 2005