The Aircraft

Manuel named his aircraft "Slavka" in memory of a personal friend who died from cancer soon after the inception of this project.










G-GDRV is a Vans RV-6, a Canadian built aircraft with a single Lycoming 0-320 engine of 5243cc capacity. It is a low wing, all aluminium aircraft which cruises at a maximum of 188mph (303kph) and has a normal range of 850 miles (1,368 km).

It has already proved its capabilities - Australian Jon Johanson has flown around the world three times in a tandem version of this aircraft, establishing many records along the way including the round-the-world speed record in 1995, but like this and other long-distance aircraft, the aircraft will have to be modified in several aspects including

  • Long range tanks
  • Extra navigation equipment
  • Additional radio equipment
  • Heavy duty electrical systems

It goes without saying that all aspects the aircraft had to be in as perfect a condition as is humanly possible to ensure the safety of the pilot in this adventure - so Manuel kept a very strict eye on all the preparations - by doing them all himself!