The Records

All Manuel's records were in compliance with the FAI Sub-Class C-1b: Landplanes with a take-off weight of between 500 and 1000kgs.











In addition to successfully

circumnavigating the globe,

Manuel also obtained the following

records :

British National Speed Record for Circumnavigation


6 World Records for Speed over a Recognised Course:

Gloucester to Luqa, Malta (277.35 kmh)

Muscat, Oman to Colombo, Sri Lanka (247.68 kmh)

Hilo, Hawaii to San Jose, California (242.47 kmh)

Halifax, Nova Scotia to Santa Maria, Azores (259.49 kmh)

Halifax, Nova Scotia to Cascais, Portugal (76.35 kmh)

Santa Maria Azores to Cascais, Portugal (242.02 kmh)


All aviation records are governed by The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). This body lays down all the above rules, regulations, definitions and classifications as well as monitoring the flight to ensure its correct progress into the official record books.